5 Best Keyboard Covers For MacBook Pro 2020

5 Best Keyboard Covers For MacBook Pro 2020

Eating and drinking while working is our all companion. With that phenomenon, comes consequences and as you guessed the crumbs which fall in-between keyboard buttons. And by time and accumulation, it will affect the keyboard strokes itself. And if you use MacBook Pro or Air, then you will feel bad as MacBook peripherals not like average laptops in terms of cost and so on.

Today, we will list 5 Best Keyboard Covers for MacBook Pro 2020 that will protect your keyboard while working, eating, and drinking altogether. And the main advantage of using such thing, that it gives you some limited protection in case something spilled on your keyboard or something. While those covers will not give you absolute protection, but at the very least they would come in handy for such small accidents.

Our Recommendation For Best Keyboard Covers For MacBook Pro 2020

1 – Moshi Clearguard

A Best Fit For 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook With A Touch Bar. Manufactured with Special And transparent film of thin 0.1mm that will give you the protection without affecting your work and as well without preventing the backlights to shine on. As many people can get distracted about anything that affects their experience.

2 – Uppercase Ghostcover Premium

What’s Special about that model it’s the leading the industry with its 0.12mm Thickness, by which, no minimum typing interference while doing your work. With its design, it won’t disrupt the functionality of your touch bar operations. High transparency to reflect every single detail in your MacBook pro without hiding any of its beauty.

3 – Mosiso Keyboard Cover

Mosiso Keyboard Cover is a unique guest here, as it’s only compatible with MacBook Pro 13/15 Inch with full protection against dust, spills( Coffee, Water Or Beer), and other similar odds. Created and engineered with a Compatability endeavor in mind with your MacBook Pro Keyboard (US ANSI). Durable and non-toxic material used, with 0.3mm thickness which will never bother you will typing. You will get 1 Year Warranty if you get it here

4 – CaseBuy Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover



We have something special here about CaseBuy, is that the compatibility with New MacBook Air 13-inch Retina Display(2019 2018 Release US Keyboard Layout. Models: A1932) and not compatible with 2020 edition of MacBook Air 13-inch model A2179F, 2015 model too or generally older models of MacBook Air 13-Inch A1369 A1466. For specifications, it’s crafted with durable, non-toxic, and reusable material.

Which protects against spills, never affects the way you type or touch bar operations, or hurting your experience by any means.

5 – All-Inside Keyboard Cover

Designed only to fit specific models of MacBook 12-inch with retina display A1534 and MacBook Pro 13-Inch without touch bar. With a good and durable layer of protection and personalization at the same time without affecting any of the main functionalities. Making your writing more comfortable due to the fact of how it was manufactured from non-toxic and washable silicone.

Frequently Asked

Are Keyboard Covers Good?

Answer: Yes, they are in terms of limited protection to your keyboard from dust, crumbles, and spills. However, it’s not that permanent, but at least it protects your keyboard against incidents like a cup of water spilled, or coffee or anything you do besides working.

Are Keyboard Covers Bad?

Answer: They are not, as they are made of transparent material for the sole purpose of protection and at the same time not to bother you or affect the main functionality of the keyboard or touch bar.

Do Keyboard Covers Cause Overheating?

Answer: No, they don’t cause overheating. But the main downside fall with that getting used to write with Keyboard Cover. As they feel a bit strange first especially those ones with thick silicone. But with light and transparent ones, they are easy to get used to.

Drop us a comment below and tell me what you think of this list. Thanks for reading.

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